educational consulting

blue tomato has a long history of working with families as their educational consultant. When a family begins working with blue tomato in this capacity we first have a consultation about the concerns, needs, and goals of the family and what services they need guidance in.

Our most common consulting topics are:
Parent Coaching
School Choice and Admissions
College Guidance, Applications, and Essays
Prioritization and Decision Making
Homeschool Design

Since each family's needs are unique, please email or call us with your goals and to set up a consultation.

academic tutoring


American History
Art History
European History
Expository & Creative Writing
Global Studies & World History

  • Algebra I & II
  • Geometry
  • Seq. I , II, III [Math A & Math B]
  • Pre-Calc
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

Reading Comprehension



test prep


SAT II All Subjects

  • Independent School Entrance Exam, 4th - 10th grade


  • Boarding School Entrance Exam, 6th - 10th grade


  • Specialized High School Test, 8th and 9th grade


  • Catholic School Entrance Exam


  • Catholic School Entrance Exam


  • All subjects


academic coaching

Academic Coaching is one of our most inclusive services, created to reconstruct how a student approaches his or her education. This process is customized to each student and begins with a detailed understanding of the student's current academic performance, areas of strengths and weaknesses, and a thorough review of assessments and evaluations done. Upon completion of the consultation we design a coaching plan to help the student re-learn his or her way of approaching school as a whole so that, through training with one of one of our tutors, he or she can confidently and independently manage his or her workload. This type of work requires commitment from students and parents: students must put in the work and parents must encourage and support what's being taught. Our goal is to mold new attitudes and habits that the student can use for the rest of his or her academic career.

Topics frequently addressed include:
Scheduling and Time Management
Creating a productive Working Environment
Paper Writing and Organization
Test Taking
Note Taking
Satisfying Teachers


Recently an increasing number of families have asked about homeschooling.

The reasons for their questions are varied:
Extensive travel for the entire family (which inspired our distance learning program)
Professional commitments in the Arts and Athletics
Medical/Psychological/Emotional Issues
Unique Learning Needs

Over the years we have worked with many parents who have, for one of the above reasons, needed our help in implementing or carrying out their child's curriculum for a period of time. As of late, with the increasing presence of homeschooling, families have been asking us to tutor their children as an alternative to having them attend an independent school. We are now offering this option for Middle and High School students (6th through 12th grade). For more than 10 years we have created, tailored and implemented customized tutoring curricula in all subjects and test preparation; in view of this the move to offer overall homeschooling was natural: we simply integrate all necessary curricula with test preparation to make sure that students meet (and exceed) all standards for their grade.

The magic of having us homeschool your children is in our ability to do what we always do: teach them the way that they want to learn, and play to their strengths and interests while supporting their weaknesses and areas of apprehension. We will custom design your children's curriculum while still meeting all necessary state requirements and as a result they can discover their strengths and passions as students!

learning differences

blue tomato has a long history of working with students with learning disabilities. We understand that every student's learning process and developmental level is unique and it is our goal to help them excel no matter where they fall on this spectrum. At blue tomato we use a variety of approaches to meet the individual needs of every family and child. For families who have concerns regarding possible learning differences previously unaddressed, we offer an extensive Neuropsychologist, Educational Psychologist, and Clinical Psychologist referral list.